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Sheet Metal Fabrication & Dust Extraction Systems

Cowley Sheetmetal offers a range of services to industry and supplies and manufactures a vast range of products, whether one-off jobs for individuals or small businesses, or major contracts involving hundreds of products.  With design, manufacture and installation all carried out by our own staff, our custom-made products are tailored to suit your needs and guaranteed to fit.

We’ve numerous tenders in the past, and would be pleased to be invited to tender on major contracts or long-term work for any of our sheet metal services.

Visit our showroom, or call us and we’ll come to you.

Cowley Sheetmetal will measure on-site, then design and manufacture to suit your individual requirements. We have many years of experience, and can quickly recommend the best products and services to meet your needs, whether it’s for single products or complete industrial fit-outs and major works.
The following are just some of the services we provide and products we manufacture – there are too many to show here! To ask about your specific requirements, phone us on 9409 6078, or contact us.


  • Dust Extraction Systems: Drowning in dust? We design, manufacture and install complete systems, including ducting, fans, dust collectors, hoppers, hoods, and bends.
  • Bag Houses, Cyclones: custom built to suit your individual needs - everything to hadle the most demanding dust control issues.
  • Fume Control Systems: Can’t stand the stink? We make custom fabricated fume hoods, including fans and ducting; design, manufacture and installation. 
  • Molds for concrete pours
  • Cabinets: Bugger the burglars! Call us to install a sturdy, strong steel cabinet; bolted to the wall, with high tensile locks. Beat that ya bastards!  
  • Canopies: One-offs for a tradie or equip your whole fleet. For utes, recreational vehicles, trailers, etc.
  • Custom Made Tool-Boxes: Wanna be the fanciest tradie in the neighbourhood?  We’ll make a custom toolbox to keep out the crooks and keep your gear safe; looks great on your ute! 
  • Fuel Tanks: Heading Bush? See us for custom and long-range tanks, designed and fabricated. Guaranteed to fit - no fumes!
  • Gates: Sheet steel gates, design and fabrication! A range of designs and strengths.  Designed to keep out the mother-in-law.
  • Woodwork machinery: Okay, you got me!  We don’t make or sell woodworking machinery, but what we do make is the dust extraction gear that you’re going to need once you’ve installed your woodworking machinery.  Call us before you buy your new kit, so we can design and manufacture a complete, custom dust extraction system and have it ready to go almost from day one.  We know the power you’ll need – ask us first – don’t rely on whatever the salesman sells you as an add-on!


  • Folding and Rolling – all sheet steel work
  • Sheet metal Cutting – guillotines, laser and plasma cutting. One-offs to major tenders.
  • Steelwork – cutting, forming, rolling, and shaping
  • Welding and soldering – one-offs or major works
  • Molds for concrete pours
  • Flashings    from new installations to upgrades and maintenance   
  • Ducting – dust extraction and general design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance

Cowley Sheetmetal – WA’s Specialisists in Dust Extraction Systems!
If you’re looking for the latest in effective, efficient dust extraction systems for your workplace or warehouse, reach for the phone and dial 9409 6078, and let Cowley Sheetmetal take care of the rest.

Moving plant or building a new factory? – call us first – we’ll help you design the layout to maximise space and efficiency.

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